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Life Insurance Sales Training Videos

Calling leads with a better script

Welcome to the ELITE AGENT TRAINING section.

To become an ELITE agent with Consolidated Underwriters, you have submitted contracting paperwork for two of our life insurance carriers and at least one of our preferred annuity carriers. You should have also placed a lead order with our preferred lead mail company – ARM LEADS.  Thank you for your commitment.

Now, it’s time to learn a different way to close business!

On the right side of this page, we have video and recorded actual live calls that John made from leads that we ordered. The first video is a pure Mortgage Protection lead. The video below uses the same exact script but it is calling a different type of lead (NOT mortgage protection). For training purposes, these are great to listen to and learn. However, only SUPER agents have access to the other type of lead. Download script to follow along and use when you call your leads!

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Life Insurance – Continued

Doesn’t matter if you are a NEW or an EXPERIENCED AGENT. You will need to watch this video to be able to know where to find answers for almost every situation including products to use, how to run quotes, and how to fill out apps. You can also find company specific videos on the links below. Click on the download link buttons to get all of them in one place.

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American Nationals company back office training

Learn how to present GUL product


Interactive downloadable pdf

How to use American Nationals illustration software


Benefits of Mutual of Omaha’s underwritten term product 

Access all of Forester’s training through this link

Can use this link on Mobile too

How to take an online application with American National 

Learn how to take an online application with MOO



Introduction to selling ANNUITIES

Watch each video in order. This first section gives insight into what to expect and describes first sales process. Remember, you don’t have to know it all in order to sell one!

Annuity 101

Details you need to know before you present an annuity for sale.

Annuity 102

Learn how an indexed annuity earns MARKET-LIKE INTEREST…as well as how they can grow your customers lifetime income amount guaranteed.

Annuity Prospecting

In the Annuity training introduction video, you learned how many sales you overlook each day. This video will probably be your best sales aide if you want to truly go to the next income level

How To Implement The Popcorn System Part 1

The popcorn system takes a little work to implement but once you have it set up, it’s an annuity producing machine!

Spreadsheet gives lists of items to order along with item numbers and website links.

How To Implement The Annuity Prospecting System Part 2

Every detail explained. Every website link and item number disclosed.

How To Do an Annuity Presentation


Take notes and watch several times. These are must do steps to completing an annuity sale.


Policy Delivery


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